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The Ultimate Wing Woman Services for Men in Australia!

Wing Woman service helps Single Men approach attractive women in lounges, night clubs, cafes, etc...

I know there are many of you out there who could really use the help of a skilled wing woman. Based on my own personal experience, a good wing (man or a woman) is hard to find…and to be completely honest with you, through many years of meeting picking up women in bars and nightclubs I've come to realise that there is simply no better wing than a beautiful, upbeat and socially savvy wing woman.

Have you ever wondered how come some guys, who aren’t even remotely attractive or appealing, are so popular with beautiful women? It's because of a critical component called "social proof".

Dating Attract Women "Social proof" is a very effective way of influencing other people’s behavior and thinking. Being surrounded by a gorgeous wing woman, you are communicating and directly demonstrating that you are someone popular or worthy of attention, you will get other women (and even men) to like you, think you are interesting or 'cool' and want to be with you or at least in close proximity.

If you have been constantly ignored by women in the past, then a wing woman can help you. You need solid "social proof", and a beautiful wing woman is the best person to help you achieve this quickly and easily.

Here are some of the ways a wing woman can help you meet and date more women in your life.

  • Highly increases & boosts your social value (likeness) in the eyes of women around you
  • Wing Woman Service
  • Makes you appear scarce & as a limited resource which makes you even more attractive & desirable
  • Women often want what they can't have (you)
  • Women are very jealous and love to compete with other women
  • Ensures that all introductions with women will be handled for you in a smooth & easy way
  • Improves your confidence & lifts sexual appeal
  • Gives you instant social acceptance, recognition & validation with other women
  • Opens up many easy opportunities to meet the women you highly desire
  • Makes picking up women easy because you no longer need to approach
  • Women will actually compete amongst themselves to meet you (instant attraction & rapport)
  • Stand out from thousands of other guys in bars who only have men as their wing men
  • Make a great impression on everyone inside bars, nightclubs, cafes & lounges as you enter the venue
  • Easy entry to the best bars, nightclubs, lounges in your city
  • Women tend to lower their defenses (bitch shields) around men who have other women next to them
  • And much, much more...

The Ultimate Wing Woman is: A beautiful, eye-catching, fun, friendly, upbeat, socially savvy woman that will go with you to a large number of night venues, whose main task is to start conversations, 'break the ice' and introduce you to as many women as you desire to meet while making you look attractive, fun, mysterious, interesting and scarce (just what women look for in a real man).

What the Ultimate Wing Woman is NOT: Your date or your escort.

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What makes your programs stand out from the rest in Australia and New Zealand?

We are thrilled to say that we are the leaders in this field when it comes to being a wing woman. Our team of 'hand-picked' female dating coaches are the attraction industry leaders when it comes to offering Wing Woman Services in Australia. We offer you the most complete, up-to-date, valuable wing men coaching you could ever experience. Our highly trained female dating coaches will guide you step-by-step and demonstrate to you LIVE how to meet, attract and get phone numbers from beautiful women in bars, lounges, nightclubs, cafes and more. You will experience a massive boost in your overall inner confidence, you’ll feel more relaxed, look better physically, feel more in control of your surroundings, have the wing woman introduce you to more women than you can imagine and ultimately this will make you succeed with women, both short and long term.

How long is the wing woman program?
The Wing Woman Service lasts for 3 hours per night (Friday & Saturday), which includes 3 hours of LIVE workshops meeting women at various night venues (bars, nightclubs, lounges etc).
Wing Woman Bootcamp Service

How is the program structured?
: 9pm - 9.30pm Introduction and short theory
9.30pm - 12am Meeting women with wing woman

: 9pm - 9.30pm Re-cap Friday night & Part 2 of the theory
9.30pm - 12am Meeting women with wing woman

Can you guarantee that I am going to succeed with all the women I meet during the program?

While we can't guarantee anything that happens during the program, we will stand by our word that you will DEFINITELY meet more women "naturally" and easily through the help of our skilled wing woman.

Where do I meet the wing woman and where will we go?
Upon successful booking of the Wing Woman program, you will be provided with the meeting address (usually the inner city area) and other details (what to wear, what to bring etc).
We will only meet you in public places like bars, cafes, lounges, etc. We are not permitted under any circumstances to meet you at a private place or residential areas.

Can I ask to change night venues of where we are meeting other women?
Yes, if you wish to visit another night spot then simply mention this during the program."

How will I be introduced to women that I meet on the night?
You will be introduced to other women as a 'close friend'. Under no circumstance will anyone ever find out that you are attending a Wing Woman Service program. We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously and with utmost respect.
Wing Woman Bootcamp
Is this like matchmaking or a speed dating event?
No, this is nothing like the above. What we offer is for our clients to meet more women in an 'everyday' environment as naturally as possible.

The main idea behind our program is to get another woman to introduce you to other women who happen to be at the same bar, night club or a lounge.

Nothing is staged, orchestrated or planned in advance. This is what makes the whole program work for our clients so they can meet more women naturally with a help from a 'close female friend' (a wing woman) while out socialising.

Where do you run your Wing Woman Services?

Our programs are offered in all major Australian cities: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Our programs are run in popular bars and nightclubs in your local city. We choose the best possible venues that attract the highest ratio of beautiful single women.

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wing woman service workshop bootcamp

What should I wear and can I bring anything?

We advise you to dress up and look your best.

  • Smart casual dress code

To make sure that you enjoy our program, you should 'look good'.

Please wear:

  • Black or brown shoes (no runners, sketchers or thongs)
  • Clean pair of pants (jeans or black/brown slacks are fine, no ripped jeans or pants, no cargo pants, no tracksuit pants & no shorts or 3/4 pants)
  • Stylish evening shirt with a collar

Please bring a small notepad and a pen to take notes if need be.
There is strictly no video or audio recording.

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How is your Wing Woman Service structured?

We are really proud about our Wing Woman Services structure, here is exactly why: We limit the program to a maximum of two (2) clients per wing woman at any time, this is done to make sure that you get the attention and help you need for the entire program. The wing woman will approach dozens of women during the evening and introduce you to them all, she will be your wing on a large number of approaches and will also stand back and watch you interact with women alone and then give you her honest feedback on what you did right, what you did wrong and how you can improve your success with women next time. You will get to watch how the wing woman approaches women over and over to perfect your seduction tactics, techniques and approaches. You will discover many of her secrets that she uses to keep a woman's attention during the approach, how to easily get big groups talking, make girls laugh and most important of all, get women to like and accept you as someone they like.

I am not sure if this program is right for me because I am too old, overweight, too tall, too short, of different nationality and have many past failures with dating women. Will this service still help me?

Many of our previous clients have addressed this issue before booking with us. Honestly, here you have the opportunity to be able to meet and pick up women that most guys only fantasize about, you however, can turn this into a reality. Let's be serious here, if you keep doing what you are doing, nothing will change, you need to be open to new and exciting opportunities in life and be willing to experiment with these new ideas. During the program we will ask you to leave your problems and other personal issues outside, follow your wing woman and follow her directions. If you follow the concepts that we will teach and show you, you will succeed at dating more women literally overnight. You will experience some amazing 'pick up' encounters from your dating wing woman, you will be Wing Women Service also engaged in some new and exciting things you normally wouldn't have the opportunity to do with your regular wings. Best of all, you will have fun and we will make meeting women for you easy.

We provide our services to men between the ages of 18 and 50. If you are still slightly older than that, please contact us and we will build a personalised program for you. All our programs are structured in such a way that we are able to help you meet more women during the weekend no matter your age, race or physical appearance. To be honest, a large number of our older clients have been able to meet and date women half of their age.

How much does the Wing Woman Service costs?

To book a two-night Wing Woman Service is only $597 per person. A one-night Wing Woman Service is only $347 per person. That's all – No other hidden fees or costs, no monthly subscription fees, no marketing costs or other nasty surprises! This is not the type of program where we try and sell you some expensive follow up seminar or workshop at the end. We will provide the promised wing woman service for you to meet more women and nothing is left out during this program. After attending our program you will have the capacity to meet and date more women after a single night or a two night program. This is done LIVE, Step-By-Step, to make sure that meeting more women for you is easy and natural with the help of the wing woman. This is what we are all about, quality, easy and cost effective.

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wing woman service workshop bootcamp
  • This is a 12 month investment program. When you finish the program you will be entitled to our "12 Month Student Support Program" this includes 12 months of email and phone coaching for FREE. This is about completely changing your entire dating lifestyle for the better, so that you can date more women and more importantly, the type of women that you specifically are attracted to, we can't make it any simpler than this.
  • During the two nights, you will get over 6 hours of live, in-field, practical, hand-on experience on how to meet women, approach them and get their numbers to set up dates and more. We are here to help you succeed with dating women, because nobody else in Australia will be able to offer you the same type of wing woman services.
  • Our fees are by far the most fair and competitive in Australia, if not in the world. Many other companies charge double or triple of what we ask.
  • We only allow two (2) clients per wing woman. This offers you an enormous benefits, which includes the full attention and help provided by our expert wing woman to suit your individual needs as a client to meet more women.
The Modern Man is the 1st company that offers this unique dating service in Australia. Anyone can gain the benefit if they have the will and power to make changes in their dating life right now. It is totally up to you, do you really want to start meeting more women this coming weekend?

Wing Woman: Student Success Stories
"I just wanted to say how much my love life has changed for the better since attending the wing woman program. I was skeptical at first because I have never gone out to pick up women with a woman before. I felt nervous and shy, but it's not like that at all. Jess (the wing woman) was the sweetest person I have ever met!

She sat down with me, asked me what I actually wanted to get out of the wing woman service and came up with a tailored plan of how we will go about me meeting more of the type of women that I find attractive. Soon after, we went to our first bar. Jess was able to introduce me to 5 women there and I managed to get 3 phone numbers and even secretly kiss 1 that I liked the most. It's funny because when I was there with Jess, all the women around me started paying me more attention which I have never received before with my male friends. In the end I got around 8 phone numbers from different women, this all happened within 2 hours of being out with Jess. One girl even asked me to call her the next day to go out for coffee! I really should have done this sooner guys, thank you."   

James, W. Sydney

"Doing this wing woman program was probably the best thing I've done all year. I met more women in one night of the program than I have in the last 12 months. It's ridiculous. I've told all my friends about how easy it can be to meet women through the help of another woman. I didn't think attractive women in nightclubs would ever be competing for me..." Cheers!

Scott. Melbourne

"Being a father of 2 young children and recently divorced, I have always found it hard to come up with the time to meet new women. This really changed after I attended your program with the wing woman. Jess got me to meet dozens of women that weekend and I might just say that I have a few that I will definitely follow up. Best of all, I can easily spare a few hours every week to meet anywhere from 5 to 15 women that weekend. Too easy!"

David. H. Melbourne

"Meeting more women is what I really needed. This dating service with the help from a wing woman (not a wing man for a change) was important for me. I had problems trying to remember which girl was which in my phone, these guys are really good. Try them out of you don;t believe me. Fantastic!"

Greg. E. Brisbane

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wing woman service workshop bootcamp

Would you like to join the Wing Woman coaches if you have what it takes?

We are excited to announce a Wing Woman Coaching Program for women wanting to make a difference and become our next future wing woman in your local city. We conduct intensive coach training workshops now running in Sydney and Melbourne. These training programs are only available to women who are committed and dedicated in becoming an expert in the art of being a wing woman to help other men meet and date more women. These courses run over a lengthy period of time to make sure that you are fully ready to become a wing woman for The Modern Man. We charge a one off fee for these training sessions. Please visit the "Contact" page to apply for the program. We will assess your potential and talk to you after the training program to see if you have what it takes.


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